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Keep your Denver Home Spider-Free this Summer

While it is a fact that spiders are a necessary part of the ecosystem and a natural means of keeping the insect population under control, they are creepy and gross. That opinion may be less of a scientifically objective and more emotional, but it’s one that many folks in Denver share; made worse by what […]

Why Hire A Professional Painter?

It’s getting to be that time of year again. The time when you’re spending more of your life in the yard and thinking to yourself, “Hmmm looks like the house could use a new coat of paint.” Which it probably does. In most climates house paint usually lasts about 5-7 years before it starts to […]

What is the typical lifespan of a roof?

Your Denver roof is a silent guardian for you and your family. It does so much, like protect you and your belongs from the elements, prevent the sun from roasting you, and keep your neighbors from asking, “Hey, why don’t the Johnsons have a roof on their home?   But your roof is not immortal. […]

Electrical Fire Dangers

While wildfires may be a concern around Colorado during the summer months (although the recent torrents of water may make it seem like a forest fire is an impossibility) the dangers of an electrical fire are present all year long. According to the U.S. Fire Administration electrical fires account for only 7 percent of residential […]

Why is proper insulation important during Summer?

If this week’s 90+ temperatures are any indication, we’re in for a doozy of a hot summer in Denver this year. And while air conditioning can be a technological blessing, what isn’t so great is how much money AC can add to your power bill. So what’s a overheated homeowner to do? Invest in an […]

The Role of the Judge in a Personal Injury Case

Oversized Gavel in front of Courthouse

In life, the last place you want to end up is a Denver courtroom locked in a personal injury case, but sometimes that decision isn’t ours to make. And while we all seem to have an idea of a judge’s role in deciding cases – we’ve all seen “Judge Judy” – but what exactly is […]

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

If you live in the Denver area you are probably well aware that the Summer heat can get a little uncomfortable. And while it can be argued that it’s not as bad because it’s a “dry heat,” the fact remains: when you’re hot, sticky and miserable, there is no pleasure, no joy, no exquisite feeling […]

Understanding Toxic Black Mold

While Mother Nature still may be a little confused as to what season we’re in, it is actually Spring in Denver – and Spring means rain. With this (theoretically) warmer weather and increase in moisture, not only does this mean that Colorado will get a little greener, but if you’re not careful with regulating moisture […]

Denver’s Creepy Crawlies

While a great place year-round, living in Denver during the summer can’t be beat. We have great outdoors, friendly people, (mostly) beautiful weather. But that means our various creepy crawlies also wouldn’t mind calling it home – specifically your home – as well!   With summer quickly approaching, the chances of pests invading and taking […]

How Often Should I Really Change My Oil Depending on How Often I Drive?

When the subject of frequency of oil change for cars is discussed, many mechanics and car aficionados agree that it is not how often you drive that you should periodically change oil. The amount that people drive varies because of their daily activities. Some people have to drive very far distances to and from work, […]