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Need Stamped Concrete in Denver?

April 29, 2011


With the amazing summers we have here in Colorado, it’s great to have a nice patio to enjoy them on. Let a Denver concrete contractor help you design and create your next concrete project. Perhaps you are looking for a stamped concrete patio? Or maybe a new sidewalk or driveway? Whatever your needs, a pre-screened Denver concrete contractor can help you get the look you want.There are many different concrete styles, textures and finishes.

As with any home improvement project, it is best to pick a style that matches the décor of your home. Stamped concrete is a very popular option because it can be made to look like many other materials. Also referred to as patterned or imprinted concrete, its design can resemble brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile and even wood. Float and trowel finishes are also patterns, but this type of finish is more along the lines of swirls and arcs. Different textures can also be created with this option.

A broom finish is a great option if you are looking for concrete that provides a non-slip surface. Depending on the type of broom used, these designs can be light or coarse. Another option is a rock salt finish. In this finish, water softener salt crystals are put on top of fresh concrete. A roller then presses the salt into the concrete. When the surface is later washed, the salt dissolves, leaving small holes.

With so many design options available, it’s important to hire a quality, knowledgeable concrete expert. Check out to find one today!