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Need your siding replaced in Denver?

June 11, 2012

Need siding for a house?’s pre-screened siding contractors are here to help you with your house siding needs in the Denver Metro Area and Boulder.  Do you need help with siding a house? Unsure if you should use vinyl siding, cement siding, and wood siding or aluminum siding?  Is the siding on a house deteriorating and in need of new vinyl siding?  Need help finding a siding contractor and not sure where to look?  All these questions can be answered here at  Our team of trustworthy siding contractors are waiting for your call!

Siding is the covering on the outside of a house, meant to protect your wall assembly from moisture and siding on a house provides insulation from heat and cold, as well as, provides curb aesthetics with a decorative and finished look.  Siding for a house may come in horizontal or vertical boards, siding shingles, or siding sheet materials.  Siding can be made of several different materials, such as wood siding, metal siding, vinyl siding, masonry siding or composite siding.  Need wood siding in Denver?  Need vinyl siding in Denver?  Need aluminum siding in Denver?  Need composite siding in Denver or cement siding in Denver?  Check out and browse our Team of pre-screened siding contractors today to find all of your siding options today!

Wood Siding

Does your house siding or the siding on the house you just purchased have wood siding?  If so, it’s most likely an older or historic home.  Wood siding on generally needs a lot of maintenance including caulking and periodic painting.  Wood siding is often replaced with vinyl siding, aluminum siding or cement siding on the fact that these require a lot less maintenance, though the charm of wood siding can be lost.  Wood siding comes in a variety of styles, textures and finishes.  Wood clapboard siding or beveled siding is horizontal and wood plank siding or board siding is vertical.  Wood siding is fairly easy to repair, but difficult to install over existing siding.  All wood siding requires paint or stain.  A disadvantage of wood siding is that it can be damaged by rot, insects, or water damage that creates warping or splitting to the siding.  If you’re planning on sticking with wood siding and need your siding replaced check out one of our wood siding experts today!

Aluminum Siding

Another siding option that has become more desired over wood siding, for its low maintenance and durability, is aluminum siding.  Aluminum siding comes in strips and it’s fastened to the exterior of your home, the siding is sealed on the top and the bottom protecting it against weather.  Aluminum siding comes in horizontal or vertical panels as well as many different colors and does not need to be painted.  Although aluminum siding is durable, it may fade or chalk.  If your siding is chalking, you may see white run off down your siding or onto brick below the siding.   There are new aluminum siding options that can prevent chalky run off onto your siding, they are newer vinyl coated finishes on the aluminum siding.  Another downside of aluminum siding is the siding is prone to denting and being noisy.  Aluminum siding is generally moderate in price, though vinyl coated aluminum siding and plastic coated aluminum siding can be expensive.

Vinyl Siding

In the search for affordable and durable siding, after aluminum siding came vinyl siding.  Vinyl siding attaches to homes just like aluminum siding, the siding attaches to the top and bottom of the face of the house and seals protecting it from the weather.  Vinyl siding comes in strips, either horizontal siding or vertical siding and also in an array of colors.  Vinyl siding also comes in many different textures such as wood siding shake and shingle styles.  Vinyl siding is often retrofitted over wood siding in many home renovation projects.  There are a few reasons why your vinyl siding may need repair, vinyl siding needs repair when in cold weather it cracks, especially when it may have had some kind of impact.  Proper vinyl siding instillation is important because you do not want your siding to warp or buckle.  Vinyl siding is usually the most chosen of all types of siding for not only its low maintenance, but also the low cost of the siding.  Although vinyl siding does not need to be painted, if the vinyl siding is cracked It will need to be replaced.  Need vinyl siding replaced in Denver?  Use to find a trusted vinyl siding contractor today!

Cement Siding

In the effort to be “green”, the latest development in siding systems for residence is cement siding.  Cement siding is made from recycled materials, is very low maintenance siding, and it’s durable siding.  Cement siding is the closest to natural wood siding and can, at times, be indistinguishable from wood siding.  Much like wood siding, cement siding is able to provide detail for the home that aluminum siding and vinyl siding may not be able to provide.  Some distinguishable characteristics of cement siding are: cement siding is extremely durable, cement siding installs like wood siding, cement siding cuts like wood siding, cement siding comes primed or pre-finished and cement siding will not rot or attract insect damage.  Cement siding is virtually maintenance free, but the cost of this luxury can be moderate to very high.  Does the durability of cement siding and low maintenance of cement siding appeal to you? Use to find a siding expert to install your cement siding today!

Whether you are looking for waterproof siding or water shedding siding, aluminum siding, metal siding, masonry siding, vinyl siding, wood siding, cement siding, or composite siding, we have contractors skilled in all of your siding needs here at  Need wood siding on a house in Denver?  Need vinyl siding of a house in Denver?  Want to go “green” and replace siding on a house in Denver with cement siding?  Have an old beautiful home and want to restore the wood siding to its original beauty?’s group of siding experts has been run through a rigorous 18 point pre-screening to be a part of our Home Improvement Team.  For all of your siding needs use today!