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Need a Sprinkler Professional in Denver?

July 2, 2012


Sprinkler Systems

Summers in Denver can be very dry and keeping up with lawn care can be exhausting without an irrigation system or sprinkler system. has irrigation system and sprinkler system contractors on hand for your lawn care needs! has irrigation professionals who have been pre-screened and can help you with your home sprinkler systems and commercial irrigation systems.  Looking to more efficiently irrigate your lawn?  Looking to efficiently irrigate your commercial space?  Looking to winterize sprinkler system?  Looking to dewinterize sprinkler system?  Looking to dewinterize irrigation system?  Looking to winterize irrigation system? has irrigation professionals for all your winterizing, dewinterizing needs! is the place to find sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, home sprinkler systems, commercial irrigation systems, home irrigation systems and commercial sprinkler systems.

Sprinkler System Design

Once you’ve decided your outdoor space would benefit from a home sprinkler system or commercial sprinkler system you then need to determine where the grass or plant areas of your landscaping will be before the piping is put in the ground.  Before installing an irrigation system make sure you put plants with similar watering needs near each other, you do not want a shrub that needs less watering near a plant or grass area that needs watering from a sprinkler system nearly every day.  When installing sprinkler systems and irrigation systems you also need to make sure you choose the correct sprinkler heads. has sprinkler system and irrigation system professionals on hand to help you determine which sprinkler types are best for your landscaping.

Irrigation System Installation

Sprinkler systems are typically installed beneath the ground and the water for the sprinkler system is run through pipes.  An irrigation system professional will help you determine the best possible places to position each sprinkler head and the route the piping will go to effectively navigate the water.  To install the pipes the irrigation professional will need to dig a space 6-10 inches below your lawn surface and recover that area.  This will require new seeding or sod to those areas.

Sprinkler Types

There are 3 popular types of sprinkler heads for your irrigation system, spray heads, rotor heads and drip systems.  Irrigation systems with spray sprinkler heads are the types that “pop-up” out of the ground or may have a stationary head.  Spray sprinkler heads are most often used in small areas such as flower beds, shrubs or a small patch of lawn.  Rotor sprinkler heads are often used for larger irrigated areas.  Rotor sprinkler heads rotate and can be adjusted based on the size and dimensions of the irrigated area.  Drip sprinkler systems are usually used for flower beds or plant areas to uniformly water them.

Automated sprinkler systems, if used properly, can be very useful in water conservation.  It is important to contact an irrigation system professional on suggested sprinkler system settings.  Some useful tips for setting your sprinkler system are:

  1. Adjust your watering schedule on your sprinkler system for the season – Your lawn needs less water in the spring and fall, than in the summer.
  1. Set your irrigation system to only water between 8 pm and 8 am – watering during the hottest time of day will lose water to evaporation.
  1. Turn off your sprinkler system when it has rained or is forecast to rain.

Upon Installation of a sprinkler system, be sure to read over your automated sprinkler system user manual as well as discuss suggested timing for each zone in your landscape with your irrigation system professional.

Sprinkler System Maintenance

Getting regular maintenance on your irrigation system is important to not only water conservation, but also to your landscape.  Sprinkler systems can often get damaged, misaligned or clogged and may be over or under watering certain areas of your landscape.  Your irrigation system often has issues with pressure.  Either the sprinkler system is pushing out too much water or the sprinkler system is not giving enough water.  These are all issues that a irrigation and sprinkler professional can assess and manage for you!

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