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Do you need Tuck Pointing or No?

April 17, 2014


Denver Home w/ landscaping
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Many homeowners chose brick homes and patios because they like the look and feel of brick or they wanted something that would last a long time. Brick is a prevalent building material in Denver and some of our most beautiful homes are made of the stuff. It’s also great for use in patios, walks, retaining walls and gardens.

While brick is resilient, it’s not completely maintenance free. If you want your bricks to last as long as possible and you want them to keep their quality, we have a few tips. has a team of home improvement contractors that can help you with most of your home improvement questions. We asked our team to give us the best information they could on keeping your bricks looking great.

Brick comes in a variety of colors and textures, is composed of fired clay and is an excellent building material choice. Although it can be higher in price than other exterior material choices, it’s durability, water repellent nature and good looks make it an excellent choice for homeowners. The first twenty five years of brick masonry life should be maintenance free and your brick material should last at least a hundred years. Usually, the maintenance involves repairing the joints between the bricks. It’s called brick tucking and tuck pointing and you should examine your bricks every six months or so to make sure you aren’t having an issue.

In Denver, our freeze/thaw cycle and the water it produces can cause cracks in your brick. Making sure that your bricks are properly sealed can help you to mitigate a lot of these problems. Your six month check should be performed after a heavy rain. If you notice dark patches of brick after the rain, it indicates that water has soaked into the bricks surface. This could lead to bigger issues in the future and you may want to consider getting your bricks resealed.

If you notice bricks flaking during your every six month inspection, it’s possibly due to water damage in the brick. Damaged bricks can be replaced and should be as soon as you can. If you leave bricks that are damaged too long it can actually affect the structure of your home if a large area is affected.

To answer more of your questions, or to schedule an appointment for brick tucking or tuck pointing please contact one of’s masonry experts today!