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Drain Cleaning Denver

December 15, 2011

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning.  It’s a dirty job, but our plumbers at do it.  I’m sure if you are reading this, you already have a problem.  Not too many people want to read an article about drain cleaning right?  So you have questions and we have answers.  First drain cleaning question?

If your kitchen or bathroom drain is taking a lot longer to drain than normal, do you need to have a plumber out to clean the drain?  Well, you may have a build up of hair, grease or just plain old soap scum.  It’s also possible that you might have a root growing into your main drain.  Before you call the plumber, you might try one of the drain cleaning products they sell at the grocery store.  They also have a wire with a little brush at the end that you can stick down your pipe and pull out hair with.  If that doesn’t solve the problem then call one of the drain cleaning pros at and they can help.

What if your drain cleaning problem is that you have two bathroom sinks that don’t seem to drain properly and when you put water in one sink, it comes up in the other sink?  Sink line can get filled up with all kinds of gross stuff.   The reason why it’s coming up in both sinks is that water seeks its own level and the two sinks are connected at the branch line before it makes it to the main drain.  Once you get all that gross stuff lining your pipes, it actually decreases the diameter of the pipe and it causes the water to drain more slowly.  If you have this kind of clog, products are probably not going to help and you are going to need a drain cleaning by one of our licensed plumbers.   You really didn’t want to stick your hand down there anyway, trust me.

Next question?  The toilet, that is supposed to flush every time, doesn’t.  When this happens, the bowl fills up to the top and then takes forever to go down and you see little bubbles rising.  Do you need your drain cleaned?  The bubbles are indicating that you may have a blocked line or vent.  Yes, you need drain cleaning.  If your blockage is down the main line, a hand snake is probably not going to do the job and liquid drain cleaners are probably not going to work either.  Sorry, but we have great drain cleaning companies, for problems just like yours!

Last but not least…if your sewer line is backed up and you have tried a drain cable and clog remover to clear it and it isn’t working, it’s probably time to call a professional drain cleaning company to get a camera down there to see what the problem is.  You want an experience drain cleaning technician that can show you exactly where the problem lies and fix it.  You could have roots in your pipes and that’s gonna take a professional drain cleaning.

This is just a sample of some of the drain cleaning questions that you may have.  For more information on whether you need just a drain cleaning product or a drain cleaning professional, give one of our quality plumbing companies a call. services drain cleaning Denver, drain cleaning Aurora, drain cleaning Littleton, Drain cleaning Highlands Ranch, Drain cleaning Lakewood, Drain cleaning Parker, Drain Cleaning Broomfield and Drain Cleaning Centennial.  For all your plumbing and drain cleaning needs, make it first!