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Need Help Cleaning Up From A Fire Or Flood?

September 10, 2010

flood restoration denver


Flood restoration

If you are reading this, most likely you have already had a bad day, week or month. The last thing you need is to find a contractor that doesn’t take care of you after you have had a fire or flood.  Weather conditions in Denver are known for their ups and downs, in the spring and summer months this could mean lots of rain leading to flash floods or no rain leading to spontaneous fires.  Need help with flooding in your home or recent fire damage? can help!


All it takes is a few inches of water to cause major flood damage to your home and all of your belongings.  Floods can happen quickly and create a lot of flood damage.  Water damage requires immediate attention, not only to effectively clean up the flooding water that is creating water damage, but also because it can easily become a breeding ground for mold, bacteria and viruses.  Water damage from floods that is not cleaned up right away can cause mold in as soon as 24 hours.

If water damage from floods happens you immediately want to move all furniture to an unaffected area of your home and wipe it down to prevent further water damage to your items.  If water damage from flooding occurs in your home you want to remove as much access water as you can from your floors and carpet, this can be done using a wet/dry vacuum, a mop and even towels.  After you have removed water from the floor open all windows and turn up air conditioning to help ventilate your home and dry as much of it as you can to prevent further flood damage.  Also, after water damage has occurred in your home turn off and remove all electrical appliances from the flood area.

After any flood or flooding damage and water damage, it is very important to immediately clean the affected area to prevent mold and mildew problems.  If flood damage or water damage to your home causes mold, it maybe start as slight discoloration to walls and ceiling.  You do not want this to go unnoticed as it can spread and get more severe and lead to serious health issues.  Symptoms caused by mold are water, itchy eyes, a chronic cough, headaches or migraines, difficulty breathing, rashes, tiredness, sinus problems, nasal blockage and frequent sneezing.  Black mold, which can occur after 48 hours of water damaged areas have not been cleaned up, can be deadly.  This is why it is very important that when a flood occurs and there is flood damage and water damage that the water damage and flood damage gets taken care of right away. can help you find a mold removal service in Denver today!  We can also help you find a water damage restoration contractor in Denver today!

Flood Damage vs. Water Damage

Flood is described as a rising and overflowing body of water onto normally dry land, meaning that flood damage is damage caused by water from water that was already there which rises and floods into your home.  Examples of flood damage can include, a nearby river or body of water that overflows and floods into your home, or a heavy rain floods into your home because the ground around your home can’t absorb the water quickly enough, or a flash flood or heavy rain causes a hill near your home to collapse and create a mudslide that seeps into your home.

Water damage can describe many different instances and losses caused by water, it can be slow and minor such as water spots, or it can be fast and catastrophic much like flooding.  Water damage is considered to happen when water damages your home before the water comes in contact with the ground.  Some examples of water damage will include, a hailstorm smashes a window and creates hail and water damage in your home through that window.  A heavy rain soaks your roof, which allows water to drip through your attic or ceiling, creating water damage in your home.  Or a broken water pipe causes water to pour into your home creating water damage.

What to do after a flood…

After a flood, if you have left your home, exercise caution when entering your home after the flooding.  Wear boots and gloves if there is standing water, also turn off all electricity and clear out all electrical appliances and moving all obstructions that can be water damaged or cause a hazard.  Then after a flood, go through all of the items that may have been water damaged, this includes rugs, particle board furniture, mattresses, food, documents, books, photos, you want to remove all of the items that have been damaged by water and either dry them or throw them away.  If you do not do this immediately it will create mold and mold can grow and become deadly within 48 hours.  Remove all standing water as much as possible, it will be beneficial to call an expert to help ensure that all of the water is removed, water in carpet, water in furniture and water on hardwood can damage beyond repair.  To further ventilate and dry out your home, open windows and use fans to circulate the air and dry the affected areas.  Be cautious when drying out your home if the area with water damage is on wood floors, as fast drying will cause the wood floors to warp.  If this happens please contact one of our water damage restoration contractors here at  After all surfaces have been dried you will want to wash all affected areas, furniture, walls, cabinets, basement floors, this will disinfect the areas to prevent mold, mildew, mold damage, water damage and flood damage.

Flood damage is a serious problem and you need to call one of our trusted restoration contractors today for water cleanup, flood cleanup, water damage, and flood damage and water removal!  If you are looking for flood cleanup in Denver, water cleanup in Denver or need help with water damage from flooding in Denver use today!

If you have mold, you are probably in the same situation. All of the restoration contractors on have been put through a 17 point pre-screening so you know that they have a good reputation. Fire, flood, radon, mold mitigation, if you have a serious problem with your home, is an excellent first step.