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Need a Denver Furnace Repair Expert?

December 30, 2010


Need a furnace repair? Looking for a qualified technician to service your furnace? Is your heater on the fritz in the heart of winter?  Whatever your heating needs, can help you find a certified professional.

From gas lines to ductwork, gas or electric furnace repair to complete heating or furnace system replacement, is the best place to start to hire a licensed technician.

We have pre-screened all our residential and commercial heating & furnace repair, installation and service contractors, ensuring you are hiring a reputable company to do your furnace repair or replacement.

Boiler busted? Radiator ruined? In need of an inspection? Trust to find the perfect company for your furnace repair.

Knowledge is very important when looking into getting a home repair done. The more you know about what you’re dealing with, the better equipped you are to ask the important questions. Here is a furnace repair 101 to help you out. There are three basic types of heating units: boilers, furnaces, and radiant heat systems.

Boilers: A boiler works by sending heated steam or water to baseboard heaters.

Furnaces: A furnace creates heat by blowing heated air throughout your home via vents.

Radiant Heat: Radiant heat carries streams of heated water or other liquid through tubes that run between your flooring and subflooring.

Each of the above listed options has pros and cons. A heating professional can help you make an educated decision about which system is right for your home and your budget. When making a decision, remember to take into account your home’s insulation, local building codes, your energy source, and whether you are looking to replace your entire system or repair the existing one.

What should you look for when you are looking for a furnace repair company?
You might be looking for an annual furnace service, a repair or perhaps you want to replace your furnace.  Regardless, there are a few things that you should watch for when choosing a company for furnace repair or installation in Denver.  To get your furnace back in working order, you will want to decide first, what quality assurance you require.  Does the company have a satisfaction guarantee?  If you just need a furnace tune up, you may not want this or want to pay for it.  If you are looking at a furnace replacement in the Denver area, this could be quite important.  Same premise stands for getting multiple estimates on your furnace repair or furnace replacement.  If you think your furnace needs a major overhaul, you’ll want to make sure that they back their work to the hilt.  If you think you want a furnace replacement, you’ll want the same, but on both projects you’ll want to get multiple estimates.  At we always suggest multiple estimates whether you thinking about a furnace repair or furnace replacement in Denver.

Double check, double check, double check.  Verify your furnace repair companies licensing and insurance details.  Your furnace is one of the major systems in your home and having an unlicensed contractor do a furnace repair or furnace replacement is not a good idea.  It could cost you more money in the long run!  Also, if the contractor doesn’t carry liability insurance and gets hurt in your home, your homeowners insurance may have to pay.  This is a costly premise in increased insurance rates for you.  No liability insurance, no working on your furnace repair or furnace replacement!  That goes for boiler repair, boiler replacement or radiant heater repair too!

If you are doing a furnace replacement or furnace repair, please get EVERYTHING in writing in a contract.  It’s the only way that advocacy groups can work in your favor and the only way that it will hold up in court if the furnace repair company does not perform.  We always suggest paying with a credit card as well as you can dispute the charge with your credit card company if there is an issue.  Regardless, when it comes to furnace replacement or furnace repair, a contract is king!  Same goes for boilers, radiant heaters or any other heating repair.

Last, but not least.  If you have a problem with your furnace repair or your furnace replacement you may want to hire a separate inspector to check out the work that has been done on your furnace.  These companies, usually known as home inspectors, can give you an unbiased opinion on where the repair on your furnace sits.  Very helpful in the case of a dispute.’s pre-screened and interviewed furnace contractors all work diligently to give the best quality service.  So, whether you are doing a furnace replacement, furnace repair or just a furnace tune up, all of our companies can do the job.  If you do have a problem, you can use the Dave’s Help Line and we will help to secure a resolution.  For Furnace repair, boilers, radiant heat, furnace replacement or a furnace tune up, it’s first!