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How do you choose a Search Engine Optimization company in Denver?

September 10, 2012

Have you tried doing your SEO on your own?  Do you even know what SEO is?  Let’s talk about this. If you are a tree trimming company and you type tree trimming in Denver into Google, you want to see your company come up on page one right?  There are two ways to accomplish this.

First, you can do Search Engine Marketing which is also called SEM or Pay Per Click.  Pay Per Click is exactly what it sounds like.  If your ad shows up and the consumer clicks on it, you will pay for that click.  It’s like an auction in that you don’t really know what each click costs, but you set a budget and when you get enough clicks to eat up your whole budget, your ads stop showing.  Most companies will intermittently show your ads over a time frame – say a month – so that you show up over time.  It’s a good solution if you have a very competitive market place – like roofing.  In Denver, there are very talented Search Engine Optimization companies working on behalf of roofing companies to get their name to the top.  If you haven’t been doing SEO, Pay Per Click is one way to get you to the top – tomorrow.

The goal is to find a happy medium between SEO and SEM.  SEO, if done correctly and by the right company, will get you to the first page of Google…eventually.  It’s like buying and renting a home.  SEO is like buying…you pay less over a longer period of time and eventually you get there.  SEM is like renting…you pay more over a shorter period of time, but get more instant results.

So, you are working along in your office and the phone rings.  You think, “Oh good!  A prospect!” only to find it’s another sales person on the end of the phone telling you that they can get you to number one on Google for tree trimming and here’s why you should use them.

You don’t want to be number one on Google for tree trimming.  You know why?  You want to be on the front page for many search terms and you want a company that knows what search terms you need for your business.

So, when you are looking for a Search Engine Optimization company make sure you do the following:


1. Ask who they have as other clients.  Do a random search to see if they are coming up well in the search terms appropriate for that business.
2. Ask them if they guarantee to have you rank number one with Google.  No one can guarantee this and if they do, be suspect.

3. You started in the right place, has done their homework on our SEO partners, but do your homework as well.  Call your prospective Search Engine Optimization companies clients in Denver and other markets and see how they are doing with the SEO company you are considering.
4. Ask your friends and business partners.
5. Do they use automated submissions?  If they do keep moving.  Search Engine Optimization companies that use automated submissions can get you banned from the search engines.
6. Reporting.  Do they provide monthly reports so you can see your progress?
7. Check the contract and discuss expectations up front.  Usually, it’s good to give an SEO company at least six months to be able to see real progress.  Make sure you are in it for the long haul.

Choosing an SEO company in Denver is not easy, but we have some great recommendations on  Make sure you check references and do your homework!