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Insulation can help you save!

December 6, 2012

Are you wondering how you can cost effectively save more on your energy bill?· One of the easiest ways to conserve energy in your home is proper insulation.· You may be surprised at all the areas of your home that can be insulated and most likely currently aren’t.· The insulation contractors at have been pre-screened, so you know you’re getting a licensed and reputable company.·’s insulation contractors can help you install RESNET Grade 1 insulation, to ensure your home is up to code.· The insulation contractors at can help you determine what areas of your home can most benefit from insulation and can also help you figure out the best insulation product to use in your home.

Insulation will be most effective not only in attics and exterior walls, but also, ceilings, basement walls, floors above crawl spaces, cathedral ceilings, interior walls, heated garages and porches.· There are 3 main types of insulation: fiber glass insulation, rock wool insulation, and slag wool insulation.· Rock wool insulation is a synthetic fiber made from melted rock and other inorganic materials that is then shaped into fibrous strands.· Slag wool insulation is made from iron ore blast from furnace slag.· Your insulation contractor can help you determine which insulation material will be best for you and your home, as well as, how much insulation you will need.

Added insulation benefits also include improved comfort to your home, a healthier environment and sound control between rooms and floors.· If you are looking to cut costs effectively in your home, adding insulation is a great solution.· Check out’s pre-screened insulation professionals today and find just the right contractor to help YOU with your insulation needs!