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Is a skylight right for you?

September 11, 2013

Skylight, light tubes, sun tubes, solar tubes, windows on roofs.  There are many names for sky lights, but the question is….is a sky light right for your home?

You have a dark kitchen or a dark bathroom or hall and you are thinking about installing a skylight.  Is a skylight the right decision for you?  Of course, can provide quality and trustworthy skylight installation companies, but perhaps you should ask yourself a few questions before you call.

First, if your roof is framed with trusses, these trusses will most likely be 24 inches on center.  This means that it can only accommodate a two foot wide skylight.  Most skylights are 22.5 inches wide so if you want a larger skylight, you may have to cut a truss to have it installed.

Second, if your skylight is going through the attic, you might want to make sure that none of the venting from your furnace or air conditioning or your electrical is in the way of where you want to go.  This could increase the cost of the installation of your skylight.

Third, if you don’t have a cathedral ceiling where you are putting the skylight, you may need a chase.  A chase is a framed tunnel that channels the light to your skylight.  It is usually finished with drywall and may be a consideration when you are thinking about the cost of your skylight.

Fourth, should you consider a solar light tube as opposed to a skylight?  If you are just trying to get light to a smaller space as opposed to a lot of light,  a solar tube might be a nice option as opposed to a bigger skylight.  Be sure to ask your skylight expert to explore all the options.  Solar tubes can be cost effective depending on what effect you are trying to achieve.

Lastly, make sure you pick the right skylight installer from a credible source like or the Better Business Bureau.  This skylight installation is going to go through your roof and be in your home so you want to know they are licensed and reputable.