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Land Surveying Needs

July 6, 2012

Are you buying a piece of real estate and need land surveying? Not sure where you can find a reputable land surveying company? has pre-screened land surveying companies, so you know who you’re getting!  Are you selling your home and want land surveying done for prospective buyers?  Are you having boundary discrepancies needing to be resolved by land surveying?  Are you planning to build a structure or fence on your property and need a surveying company? is here to help with all of your land surveying needs!

Surveys Performed by a Land Surveying Company

  • Improvement Location Certificate (ILC)
  • Land Survey Plat (Boundary Survey)
  • Site Plan
  • Topography Survey
  • AS-Built/Plot Plan

Are you selling your home and have been asked to obtain an Improvement Location Certificate (ILC)?  These are asked for by mortgage companies and insurance companies before the sale of a home to know exactly where the property lines are to verify that certain structures and improvements are located on that property.  The land surveyor will establish property boundaries and locations of any easements, improvements or encroachments.  Needing a boundary survey done by a land surveying company?  Land Survey Plat or Boundary survey depicts property lines and corners, which is helpful in resolving property line disputes.  Looking to construct a structure or driveway on your property and need a Site Plan?  Land surveyors can help you with a site plan in order to obtain your building permits.  Need a land surveying company for planning and zoning purposes?  To accurately plan site layout, construction, engineering or architectural design for a land project you will need a land surveyor to complete a topography survey.  A topography survey will show the shape of the land as well as existing features of the property, such as buildings, trees, utility poles, walkways, retaining walls including things below the surface of the earth, water lines, electrical, etc.

Looking to make improvements to your property?  The first place to start is hiring a land surveying company to complete an AS-Built survey or plot plan.  An AS-Built survey is the first thing that needs to be done before planning improvements to your property.  The AS-Built survey is a map that shows the special relationship of the existing property improvements in proximity to the property line boundaries.  The AS-Built survey is important to do before you plan your new construction so you are aware of what you currently have and can properly determine what improvements can be made to your property. has land surveying companies to help you with your AS-Built survey today!

Are you planning to buy commercial property and need an ALTA/ACSM performed by a land surveying company?    This survey combines a boundary survey with a topographic survey, depicting the boundaries of the property and all improvements to the property.  ALTA/ACSM survey is used for buyers, lenders and developers to solidify where buildings, parking areas and other improvements to the property lie.  To obtain an ALTA/ACSM survey you will need to contact a qualified land survey professional. can help you find a land survey professional to complete your ALTA/ACSM requirements.

Land survey cost?

The cost of a land survey will depend on many factors, such as size, location and accessibility of the land.  As well as what kind of survey you are looking for and what it needs to be completed for.  A land surveyor will be able to more accurately estimate your needs after discussing your situation and viewing your property.  Call a pre-screened land surveying company today for your estimate!

Do you need a land surveyor for an Improvement location certificate (ILC)?  Are you looking to get a Land survey plat to settle a property line discrepancy and need a land surveying company to help you?  Would you like to build a new structure on your property such as a driveway, garage or shed and need a site plan from a land surveying company to obtain a building permit?  Considering purchasing a commercial property and need an ALTA/ACSM for legal purposes, a local land surveyor can help you.  Need a topography survey for a more detailed look at your properties encroachments, boundaries and improvements?  A land surveying company can provide you with a topography survey for all your construction, site layout, engineering, and architectural design needs! Need an AS-Built (Plot plan) to verify the location of newly constructed improvements and structures for a commercial property? has a land surveying company that can meet all of your land surveying needs!