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Mold Removal Denver

December 6, 2011


Have questions about mold and mold remediation?

First off, let’s talk about how mold comes about in the first place.  Mold needs nutrients such as good temperature, water and oxygen to be able to grow in your shower in the first place.  Food for mold includes organic material such as wood, fabric, etc.  In addition, mold can form from synthetic stuff like paint and adhesives too…can you say caulk?  It also needs moisture to fester or humid conditions.  Most molds can live in a normal indoor temperature.  Mold can get into your home or office through dead matter.  For instance that pile of leaves hanging out by the back door?  Not a great idea.  Mold spores develop there and then Timmy wears them in on his shoes.  There are only a few kinds of molds that can actually cause an infection in a healthy human being.  Some molds can cause problems with people that have compromised immune systems though.  The main challenges health wise come from allergies and asthma.
is frequently provided by a heat recovery ventilator (HRV).

How can you test for to see if mold is indicated?

For the most part, you have the best testers on earth…your nose and your eyes.  Do you see fuzzy black or green stuff growing in your shower?  Is it moist?  It’s probably mold.  If you get that I’ve been in Grandmas’ basement too long musty smell, chances are you have some mold.  It might be at the bottom of a box or growing up a wall, but it’s probably mold.

What do you do if you need mold and mildew remediation?

Check out the mold removal companies on of course.  If you have a good amount of mold, a specialist can assist you in inspecting and testing for mold in your home.  For mold removal, this may be the best way to go.  If it’s in your furniture or on a box, you’ll need to throw it away, but bag it first!  Areas over ten feet in square area should be cleaned by a mold remediation company that has experience.  They not only help you to remove mold, but find the source so your mold doesn’t return!  Remember, black mold and other molds can have an impact on your health and the health of your loved ones.  Mold removal needs to be done correctly, the source located and abated and it needs to be done by a qualified mold remediation company.  What should ask the mold remediation company prior to hiring them?

Be sure to ask your mold remediation company about the licenses and qualifications they currently hold for mold testing and mold removal.   We’ve checked to make sure they are insured, but you should check as well.  Ask of references on mold removal projects of similar size that they have completed.  Ask them how they identify the mold problem and the cause.  Find out why the mold is growing in that particular area.  Does your mold remediation company utilize the latest techniques in mold testing.  Some of these include mold sampling swabs, air sampling systems and imaging cameras and sensors that can show areas where mold might be hiding.  You also need the mold removal company to determine what is causing the mold to grow.   You are looking for some source of water or moisture here as mold needs it in order to grow.   Get a full estimate including project scope.  Do they need to remove drywall?  Windows?  Tile?  Does your home need a ventilation system or dehumidifier to assist in getting out the moisture so mold won’t grow?  Find out exactly what the mold removal company will guarantee and won’t and get your mold remediation plan in writing!