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Check out Dave Logan’s Pre-Screened Moving Companies

September 9, 2011





Looking for the best moving company in Denver but don’t know where to start? can help you to find moving companies in the Denver metro. Dave and his team pre-screen all of their moving companies so you know you are dealing with a reputable moving company. Should you have a problem with the moving company that you choose, you can write in to Dave’s Help Line and will help you arbitrate the problem. Don’t pick a moving company out of the phone book, make sure you use the best moving companies in Denver, the moving companies!  Remember, when it comes to your home, it’s First!

Let’s talk about moving companies in Denver. They are not all created equal and you need to be smart about making your move.  Here are five things you should ask all Denver Movers on the phone before considering hiring them!

This is your chance to interview your Denver moving company to make sure they are the best moving company for your home.

Ask the moving company for their Federal Mortor Carrier Safety Administration  registration number – it’s called a USDOT number.  If the moving company you have chosen only does in-Colorado moves, they may not have one.

Ask the Denver Moving company how they estimate the move.  do they offer an estimate on rate per pound and distance?  If they offer you an estimate based upon cubic feet, don’t use this moving company.  Reputable moving companies in Denver will use an hourly rate or rate by the pound and distance.  Always get estimates from Denver moving companies in writing!   We always suggest that you fully read all the fine print on contracts, but this is one to especially pay attention to.  The estimate must be dated and include the method and time of payment.  Research the difference between a binding estimate and non-binding estimate before you sign!  Be sure that you have a copy of any estimate you get from a moving company in Denver.

Is this moving company in Denver using subcontractors?  Some of the larger companies sub contract out to smaller Denver movers.  Ask for the names of the subcontractors and do your due diligence.  Look them up on sites like, the BBB and read reviews.  If the moving company in Denver you are considering isn’t forthcoming with this information, you might want to choose a different Denver mover!

What additional moving fees could be accrued?  It’s a good question.  You get all your worldly belongings in your new home only to find that you’ve been charged for this and that and then this again.  It’s makes a stressful day extremely annoying!  Some moving companies in Denver charge extra for awkward items, items that have to be hand carried over long distances, stairs, etc.  If you are organized and ask alot of questions, you should be able to avoid most of these charges.

Insurance.  Oh boy.  Your grandmother’s china hutch from 1862 now has a huge scratch across the front of it and you want to know if you are covered.  Better to “cover” these things up front.  Ask a detailed questions about the insurance, the Denver mover you are considering using, offers.  Insurance in moving is usually based upon the weight of your move.  You’ll need to assess the value of your stuff against the insurance offered.

Whether your moving from Denver to Arvada, moving from Boulder to Broomfield or Denver to Sacramento, will find your the best moving companies for your home. logo