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Need a Denver Home Security System?

April 29, 2011


Looking to secure your home?  Need more information on home security systems, home monitoring systems, business security systems, business monitoring systems, home alarm systems? is here to help you with all of your home security needs! Is your home protected? Even if you belong to a neighborhood watch program, that doesn’t ensure your home is protected. By securing your home with a home security system, it not only protects your family when you are home, but it also protects your house when you aren’t. By choosing a Denver home security expert, you can feel confident knowing you are hiring a pre-screened, licensed Denver home security contractor to install your system. Our experts can explain the benefits of wireless alarms, the importance of carbon monoxide detectors, and how a security camera system could benefit you and your family.  There are many things to consider when choosing an alarm system.

If you are looking to get piece of mind from knowing your home or business is protected, security systems is where you need to start.  As much as the police departments, highway patrols and fire departments help you out, it is still important to ensure that your home or business is as secure as possible.  There are many options for security systems, home alarm systems, residential security systems, home surveillance systems, business security systems, business surveillance systems, business alarm systems and is here to help!

First, do you want an indoor or outdoor system? Indoor systems monitor your home for any doors or windows being opened, as well as any movement in your home once the alarm is set.  To use an indoor alarm system you need to enter a special code into your control set, this allows you to set your home security system when you need to and turn the alarm system off before you enter the home. Outdoor systems monitor your grounds and can turn on flood lights at any sign of movement.  New outdoor monitoring systems are programmed to check the height and weight of the intruder before setting off the alarm, which creates fewer false alarms. Another option to consider is battery operated vs. electrical. Both have their benefits.

Electrical do not require any replacing of batteries, but will not function if the power goes out. Battery operated need to have the batteries replaced every so often to ensure they are working properly. Technology is continually advancing, and so are alarm systems. There are several closed-circuit TV security options on the market. This allows you to view different areas, both inside and outside your home from your television. For these systems, the wired ones are far more reliable than the wireless. Lastly, make sure your new alarm system has a built-in smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. These will help protect your family against fire and harmful air.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance, home security cameras, video security systems have, in the past, been very expensive and not always very reliable, but recently prices for video surveillance have gone down and the quality of the video has gone up considerably.  Due to this fact, many home and business owners have considered home security, business security, video surveillance and home alarm systems, when before they would not.  Video surveillance and home security cameras are good for catching intruders “in the act”.  Video surveillance systems consist of a video camera, a recording or playback device, a monitor and can include a motion detector.  There are 2 types of video surveillance systems: covert and overt.

Covert video surveillance – covert video surveillance is when the home security cameras are hidden.  These kind of surveillance systems can be used to watch babysitters or nannies, housekeepers, or to ensure that there anyone on your property isn’t doing something they shouldn’t.

Overt video surveillanceovert video surveillance is when the home security cameras are obvious.  These sort of home security systems are meant to intimidate anyone who might pose a potential threat.  A burglar may think twice about entering a home with outdoor video surveillance and signs around the house advertising that it is protected by a home security system.

There are pros to using video surveillance systems, such as, video surveillance can reduce the likelihood of a break-in and video surveillance can increase the probability of a burglar being caught if they do happen to break-in.  Cons to using video surveillance systems is that the purchasing and installing of home security systems can be costly and require ongoing maintenance.  If you feel that video surveillance and home security cameras are right for you, we have a team of Home Security contractors waiting for your call!

Wireless home security

Wireless home security systems can be very simple or very complex, depending on all the features you choose for your wireless home security system.  Components of a wireless home security system include, the control panel, sensors and transmitters, touchpads, central monitoring receiver, sirens and lamp modules.  A wireless home security system uses the control panel to control all the operations of the home security system.  Wireless home security systems use radio waves to transmit the information picked up by the sensors.  A monitoring receiver will be hooked up to the telephone line.

A home security expert can answer any other questions you may have about how to best protect your family and your home.