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Three Estimates

At we always suggest that you get three estimates before making any purchase with one of our companies. There is some sound reasoning behind this suggestion.

We are diligent in pre-screening and interviewing all the companies on but we do not regulate pricing. Each company provides a different level of service and those services are priced accordingly.

This is true in almost all the things we purchase. For instance, an automobile purchase is one of the biggest things we buy. A Hyundai car is a dependable vehicle and if serviced properly, it should last for many miles. It has a different level of comfort, warranty and trade in value as, lets say, a BMW. The price is also vastly different.

The same is true for service and home improvement companies. The first company you contact may not be available to help you on the weekends. The second company you call may not offer the warranty you require. A third company may have the warranty and can come out on the weekend, but may charge more than the first company. Different companies have different prices for different levels of service.

The choice is yours of which company you want to use. Other things to consider:

  1. You might want a company that uses only the highest quality of materials.
  2. You might want a company that can get the cost down by using the bare minimum of quality as you are going to sell the property and just want it to look spruced up.
  3. You might want a company that can fix your problem NOW and are willing to pay to have your problem fixed quickly.
  4. You might want an estimate for a few months down the road as you are going to have to budget for the repair and just need a budget price.
  5. You might want to stay in your home for 30 more years and you want it done right with an extended warranty included. All of these services and products have different pricing structures.
  6. If you’ve used the same company for years, are they still competitive? You may want to double check to make sure the company that you’ve been loyal to is still running under the same business model and under the same management.

Things change over the years, so we suggest three estimates – every time.

As you can see, consumers have different demands and needs and our website is set up to accommodate as many of these situations as possible. We accommodate the consumer who is willing to wait, needs it on a budget and is not concerned about warranty to the consumer who needs it now, wants a warranty and wants the best possible products used on their project.

This is why, at, we always suggest a minimum of three estimates on every job, every time.