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Tub Refinishing in Denver

June 20, 2012


Tub Refinishing

Is your bath tub looking a little tarnished?  Looking to restore your clawfoot tub to its original beauty?  Looking for bath tub refinishing in Denver? has a pre-screened bath tub refinishing contractor in your area!

There are a few reasons you’re bath tub might need tub refinishing.  You may have purchased an outdated home with bathroom fixtures several years out of date, this may mean your bathtub is a color that is as outdated as the home, though it works just as well as a new one.  To save costs you can get your outdated bathtub refinished and restored to a brand new modern color.  The tub refinishing cost is much lower than purchasing a brand new bathtub.  Another reason you may need tub refinishing is your bathtub may be losing its gloss and becoming discolored.  Again, to save on bath tub costs, getting new gloss with a tub refinishing project is the way to go!

There are several benefits of choosing to get tub refinishing over the purchase of a new bathtub.   One of consumer’s most common concerns in making this decision is bathtub refinishing cost.  Bathtub refinishing is, generally, considerably less than the cost of purchasing a brand new bathtub for your home.  Also, the life span of tub liners is only around 6-8 years and then it will need some kind of restoration, tub refinishing will not necessarily need to reoccur this often.  With proper care tub refinishing could last at least 10-15 years, and refinishing can be done again to freshen up the glaze if needed.  Whether your need, bath tub refinishing, minor surface repair, or a simple slip guard applied to the bottom of your bath tub, use to find a tub refinishing contractor in your area!

Process of Bath Tub Refinishing

When your bathtub is outdated in a color you find undesirable or your bathtub is looking tarnished or maybe has a minor surface chip you may be looking to get your tub refinished.  To get tub refinishing done successfully you first need to contact a tub refinishing contractor from, they will begin the tub refinishing project by first sanding down or etching the existing glaze, to remove outdated colors and divots.  After this is done the tub refinishing technician can then reglaze the bathtub.  Tub refinishing will make your bathtub look good as new!

After a tub refinishing you do not need to do much to care for your tub refinishing product.  You’re new tub reglazing will be resistant to mildew, mold and dirt.  Your refinished bathtub will only require light cleaning with regular household cleaning products.

Tub refinishing can be a cost effective solution to your bathroom makeover.  Bath tub refinishing can be an alternative to replacing a “worn out” bathtub.  Tub reglazing is the answer to a hard to clean bathtub.  Tub refinishing will repair minor damages to your bathtub.   For all your tub refinishing needs contact a tub refinishing technician today!