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Want more car for your money? Consider using an Auto Broker!

August 27, 2012

Many people are opting for using an Auto Broker for many reasons.  Perhaps they are using an auto broker because they want them to find a white car, with 14,562 miles on it with a manual transmission that was created in Detroit.  Can you say specific?  This is something Auto Brokers specialize in.  They also can save you a bunch of money and a huge amount of time if you let them.  Think about it, big dealerships have big overhead.  Large showrooms and big staffs can cost a lot of money.  Most Auto Brokers have minimal overhead and minimal staff.  You can save a lot on excess fees and profits.

Usually, Auto brokers have the ability to purchase vehicles for close to what the dealers pay.  They then charge you a fee and pass on the savings.  Auto broker fees can vary, so make sure you discuss the fees upfront and that you are comfortable with the auto finders-fees.  Rates can vary on the type of car you are buying, deliver rates based upon distance and obviously, the discount the Auto Broker or Auto Finder can provide.

A lot of consumers use Auto Brokers or Auto Finders for saving time.  Estimates show that the average amount of time spent researching vehicles is 22 hours.  That’s not including the 6-8 hours you will spend in the dealership.  If you are a savvy consumer and know what you want, Auto brokers provide a valuable service in getting the job done.  Yes, you miss out on being shown every feature of the car and all the fancy brochures, the service department, the finance department and the many other amenities that dealerships offer.  For some people, saving all that time is worth using an Auto Broker in the first place!  In addition, your Auto Broker should be able to navigate the negotiation and shorten up the process, while getting you a great deal.

One thing to ask your Auto Broker about up front is the vehicle trade in.  Some Auto Brokers are not equipped to handle the trade in process or value your trade in and some are.  If you have a trade in, make sure to discuss this with your chosen Auto Broker up front!  You can also visit a few dealerships and have an appraisal done on your car so you get a true value of your trade in.  You will be given a true wholesale value on your car and this is one way to be sure you are getting a true and fair value.

Auto Brokers work if you want to save the time and get hopefully save a good amount of money.  It’s up to each individual to figure out what works best for them.  If you aren’t into the negotiation part and you want someone to negotiate for you, check out’s auto brokers.  It may be the best decision you’ve ever made and it might change your whole idea of the car buying experience!