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Need a Denver Water Heater Repair or Replacement?

April 29, 2011


Is your hot water heater in need of service?  Are you in the market for a new water heater?  How do you know when it’s time to replace your water heater?  Can you recycle your water heater?  Should you get an electric water heater?  Perhaps you should consider a gas water heater or a tankless water heater.  Truth be told, when your hot water heater goes out, you don’t have a whole lot of time to look around.  You need a plumber that can help you as soon as possible.  What about hot water heater repair?  Should you get your water heater serviced on an annual basis?

These questions on hot water heaters can all be answered for you.  Is your hot water heater in need of service.  An annual tune up on your hot water heater will extend the life of your water heater.  Since water heaters can be quite costly a water heater tune up once a year can save you money in the long run.  Water heaters get a collection of sediment in the bottom and this accumulation can shorten it’s life.  If you hear gurgling noises coming from your water heater, this can be an indication of this accumulation.  The sediment in the bottom of your water heater makes the appliance work harder, shortening its life and increasing your energy costs.

How do you know when it’s time to replace your water heater?  How old is the unit?  If the hot water heater is over 15 years old, you need to keep an eye on it and you may want to replace it for energy savings.  You can also check out the bottom of your water heater for rust and leaks.  Both are indicators that you might want to start shopping around.  The pre-screened companies on can help guide you on the best water heater for your situation.  Gas water heaters, electric water heaters or tankless water heaters all have pros and cons.  With tankless water heaters you have instant hot water and if you have a big family, this may be the way to go as the hot water doesn’t run out.  Again, our hot water heater professionals can guide you on the best choice for your home and situation.

Can your hot water heater be repaired?  A hot water heater repair is just one of the things that our plumbing contractors specialize in.  If you need a hot water repair, check out the right companies at first.

Looking to recycle your old water heater?  Most of our contractors can also guide you through this process.  We have green plumbers that can help you to recycle your old hot water heater.

As always, at, we suggest that you get multiple estimates on your water heater replacement or repair.  Different plumbing companies charge for different levels of service and parts.  Always be a sharp consumer and do your pricing homework before you get a hot water heater repair or replacement. services many areas for repair and replacement of water heaters.  If you need a hot water heater repair Denver, Hot water heater repair Highlands Ranch, Hot water heater repair Littleton, Hot water heater repair Parker, Hot water heater repair Arvada, hot water heater repair Aurora, Hot water heater repair Broomfield, we have the right plumbing contractor for you.

A great, functional water heater is imperative, especially with the cold winters we have here in Colorado. The last thing you want is your water heater going out on you in the dead of winter. Therefore, having a reliable water heater is a must. But with so many sizes and options available, it’s hard to know what kind is right for you and your home. Does a tankless water heater make sense for your family? How many gallons do you need to have hot water for all your kids? Do I need a gas or electric water heater? Is a solar water heater right for me? These are all valid questions that should be asked to a Denver water heater professional. has pre-screened and approved all its Denver Water Heater contractors so you can feel confident in whomever you call.

Some important things to look for when purchasing a new water heater are the warranties offered and amount of insulation. Also, ask a expert about energy efficient water heaters. These will save you money on your electric or gas bill each month. Another thing to look for in a new water heater is the BTU input or first hour recovery. In other words, how rapidly can a tank heat water? If you are replacing your existing water heater, ask yourself, did the old one provide enough water for the entire family to shower when we wanted? If yes, then replacing with a similar water heater would be a good idea. If no, decide how much more water would have been ideal.

So whether you are looking to replace an old water heater or repair a leaking water heater, can help you find a trusted contractor to do the work.