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What to consider when looking for an auto mechanic.

August 27, 2012

Your car is making noises it’s never made before.  The gauges all say you are good to go, but you feel a hesitation.  You need to get your car in to the auto mechanic, but who do you go to?  It’s a question that many ask.  It’s hard to know if you are going to a car repair place that’s going to take care of you. has pre-screened all the mechanics on our site, but here are a few other things to think about as well.

54% of you are keeping your existing car rather than investing in a new one according to a recent AAA survey.  It’s smart, but now you need a trusty mechanic.  The secret?  Start looking for an auto mechanic BEFORE you need one. When your brakes “kinda don’t work anymore” is not the time to be looking around for someone to trust.  Look on sites like, the BBB and you can also visit the AAA website.  Ask your friends and neighbors for a recommendation.

First step?  Preventative.  If you keep up on your car’s maintenance, you are less likely to have problems down the road.  For this, you have three choices.  You can go to the dealership where you bought the car, go to an independent car place that does drive through oil changes or go to a specialty auto repair facility that specializes in your make of car.  Either way, please go!  Before you do though, check out the place.  Does it seem like it’s run in an organized fashion?  Are the employees answering your questions or talking around them?  If you get the feeling its well run, it probably is well run.  Is the owner on site or not?  If not, you may not get the best service as when the mouse is away…  Check for certifications like the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) seal.  You want techs that have had the latest in automotive repair training and technology.  Does this particular shop post manufacturer service training credentials in your make of car?

If you tend to get into fender benders and need an auto body repair, check for certificates like the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair.  You can also ask any of these places for three people that would talk to you about their quality of work.  Most body repair shops have pictures they can show you as well.  Just remember though, just because the auto repair or auto body shop posts their credentials, doesn’t mean that everyone who works in their shop has been certified!  Check!

Always ask before blindly dropping off your auto how they will diagnose what is wrong with the car.  Who will be doing the majority of work?  Do they have the credentials that you want in your mechanic?  A good auto repair company should have up to date equipment to help the service technician make the diagnosis.

Lastly, when looking for an automotive repair, check out the reputation of the shop.  Google them on line, look at sites like and the BBB.  You can also check with the Colorado Department of Consumer Affairs and the Attorney General’s office.  Always try to get at least two, if not three estimates on your car repair.  Ask how long they’ve been in business before you get your automotive service, transmission repair, engine repair or brake replacement done.

So to recap, check online to see if the auto mechanic you are considering has complaints or cheers.  Check, the BBB and other sources before engaging any automotive service, fleet service, transmission repair, engine repair or brake replacement company.  Look for an auto mechanic before you need one.  Make sure the owner of the company is on site and the auto body or auto repair shop feels organized.

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