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Why Choose Seamless Gutters?

August 27, 2012

As you probably already know living in Denver, your gutter system is really important if you want to keep your home dry.  For years and years, gutters were made the same way.  It involved welding torches, steel gutters and welding.  Not something most home owners wanted to take on!  Then came aluminum gutters that basically snap together and with a little brute strength, a motivated homeowner could put them in place.  So, the homeowner could put these gutters into place – if they had the knowledge, but you still had to hop up on the roof every fall and ever spring to clean the gutters out.  Then came seamless gutters.  Superior to their friends the aluminum gutters, seamless gutters don’t leak.  I know it seems weird to worry about a gutter leaking, but you want the water to go where YOU want it to go and sometimes leaking gutters can create a problem in your facia, roof and home.  Seamless gutters work like regular gutters, but they are created from a seamless – get it- seamless gutters- piece of tube.  This means no joints to leak, no holes and minimal maintenance in spring and fall.  Seamless gutters are hung more securely than our aluminum friends as well.  Lastly, if you’ve ever had a squirrel or bird or other creatures taking up residence in your gutter, you will have this problem no more.  Seamless gutters keep the critters out too!  Although, seamless gutters are usually too hard for the average homeowner to install own, there is a certain convenience that comes with the seamless gutter.  They cost a little more than aluminum gutters because they are a custom fit to your home and you should have many, many years of low maintenance usage from your seamless gutters.

Do your research on seamless gutters and talk to our seamless gutter contractors at  Ask a bunch of questions and make sure you get at least three estimates before you have seamless gutters installed.  Make sure you get the proper fit, color and that you feel comfortable with the seamless gutter installer before you sign on the dotted line.  Make sure you have a contract with your seamless gutter company that fully outlines the scope of work and what you expect in your seamless gutters fit and color.  Most importantly, choose well and you’ll be enjoying the fit and function of your seamless gutters for many years to come.

Seamless gutters, gutter hoods, gutter guards, gutter protection, these are all seamless gutter names.  The Seamless Gutter Company is on  Please give them a call.  Put your zip code information in above and you’ll get the contact information for the Seamless Gutter Company.