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Window Washing Denver

December 9, 2011


How to Choose a Window Cleaning Company

The first thing you want in a window cleaning company is experience.  How long has this window cleaner been in business?  You want to make sure that this company has been in business for a while and didn’t just start two months ago.  You want to find a reputable company that washes windows for a living, not a summer job!

Professionalism is key.  Any window washing company that is serving you should be presentable and with no cut offs, shirts with holes and they should have a clean appearance.  Professional window washing companies will not have employees that smoke on your property.  The window cleaning company you choose should have vehicles that are marked with their business name.

Ask your window cleaning company if they stand behind their service.  If you are unhappy with the window washing, what recourse do you have with their company?  Will the window washing company come back if you are unhappy with something that was missed?  You want a window cleaning company that is focused on customer service and satisfaction.

Protect yourself.  If your window washing company cannot show you valid liability insurance, don’t let them on your property.  Here is a worst case scenario.  The window washing company sends out two window washers to work on your home.  One is on the roof, getting the upstairs windows clean.  He doesn’t rope himself in and falls from your roof, seriously injuring himself.  If he doesn’t have liability insurance and can’t afford to pay for his hospital stay your homeowners insurance will be on the hook and you’ll be paying a deductible and increased homeowners insurance rates.  Please check your window washing companies liability insurance EVERY time they clean your windows.

Price of course should be a consideration and you should always get multiple estimates on your window washing.  They should tailor your bid based upon number of windows cleaned, inside and out or just outside windows and how many above the ground floor.  You do get what you pay for in service and professionalism and insurance with window washing companies. has excellent window washing companies that have all been interviewed and pre-screened, but you should always do your due diligence as well.  Our companies have been put through a 18 point pre-screening process for you.  When you need a window washing company, be sure to go to first!